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We Met Artists Who Worked On Our Coloring Book!! Emerald City Comic Con 2018 Part 3

On Friday of Emerald City Comic Con 2018 Rae stole John away from the booth for a few minutes to go to our favorite place, Artist Alley, with one mission: get signatures, pictures, and art from each of the artists exhibiting who worked on the Tentacle Kitty Dark Horse coloring book… and so we did! 

First up is Amy King:

Notice how she looks like the portrait of Morticia Addams hanging behind her? Yeah, that is a girl after my own heart. In fact, that is the print I picked out. Morticia Addams is the epitome of class, grace, confidence, and… ok I’ll stop now. Let’s just say, she’s awesome, just like Amy. 

Check out Amy’s work here: Amy King

Then we met Aubrey Aiese!

Let me just tell you, Aubrey has really cute art. Her color pallet is soft, and there are often girly touches, like her window pictures! Cute!

Finally meeting her in person was so much fun. 

She is just as sweet as her art is. 

You can see her art here: www.lettersfromaubrey.com

After a bit more meandering in Artist Alley, we found Rootis Tabootis:

ROOOTISSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not our first time meeting her, but she is one of our favorite people at comic-cons.

Oh man, she is just… so sweet, and cool, and talented. You HAVE to see her work. Just, please go there and check it out. You will thank me later. She has quite a following, and it’s for a reason! 

I wasn’t sure where to send you, so I’m going to send you to her Deviant Art gallery. Just hit browse and look around. You can find her on all forms of social media as well. 

See it here: https://rootistabootus.deviantart.com/gallery/

There was one artist we missed out on a picture with. We had her sign the minion badge early on, but forgot to grab a picture!! Her name is Camilla D’errico, and if you haven’t heard of her, you really should see her stuff.

Her style is completely unique to other artists in the pop-culture world and is

more of a fine art style.

I am crazy about it, and am a bit shy around her because she is so amazing. I have two of her art books, and also would like to collect her china plates. 

Check out here: http://camilladerrico.com/

So this is what the badge looked like after Amy, Aubrey, Rootis, Camilla, and John signed it. So pretty!! 

Once I get the coloring book in hand, my goal will be to get every artist to sign it. All of them. Even if I have to mail it to them!!!

Want your own copy of the Tentacle Kitty Coloring Book? Of course, you do!

Get it here: Tentacle Kitty Coloring Book

They will begin to ship out at the end of May 2018.

Will you share your coloring pages with me? Link us any any social media so we can see!!

Happy coloring!