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Emerald City Comic Con, greatest show of the year! So far…

Serena, Seriana, and Traius Day 1

2018 is kicking off to be a fantastic convention season for Tentacle Kitty. We were an absolute hit at Emerald City Comic Con. Not only did we sell out of every Tentacle Kitty that we brought by Saturday evening, but so did Emerald City Comic Con. That’s impressive!

But the show was so much more than just how quickly we sold out of Tentacle Kitties. The show had layers of awesome, just like a delicious towering cake, and since we didn’t have internet for our devices for the most part during the entire weekend, I am serving it all here in several slices of cake. By slices of cake, I mean mini blog posts.

It all started with setup, which was a grueling several hour ordeal for John and Mr. Matt who were both exhausted after a full day of travel. For those of you who don’t know who Mr. Matt is, he is our friend and helper at Tentacle Kitty. When the kids were little we taught the kids to call him Mr. Matt, and the name stuck. He is also our fictitious agent, but that is a story for another post.

Once they got the booth all set up, the boys realized there wasn’t quite enough tabletop to wrap the entire booth.

So Mr. Matt walked five blocks down to Target, bought another table along with an air mattress, and lugged them all the way back uphill to our booth at the Washington State Convention Center. When he returned, though, John decided to set the booth up in a completely different way that didn’t require the extra table! They rearranged everything like this:

The sales area was a bit smaller, but our sign and art on the other side of the booth gave us tons of visibility and photo ops! 

Don’t worry though. The table was not a waste. We put it in the back of the booth and draped it in our oh-so-shiny tablecloth and used it for eating lunches. It was like a disco picnic!

You know, Disco Picnic would be a cool band name.

 I am still working on the rest of the posts, but they will be posted up over the next couple of days. Let me know, do you like seeing behind the scenes convention stuff?