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Levia the Space Whale, weighted anti-anxiety plush

Tentacle Kitty 29 Inch Weighted Anti-Anxiety Plush | Levia


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After a long day of interdimensional adventuring, the Tentacle Kitties head back to Levia the Space Whale to rest and recharge, and now you can, too!

Levia is weighted to help you feel calm when you need it the most. She’s also extra-squishy, so give her a big hug, take her with you on a trip, or use her as a pillow when you need a snuggle.

It has been reported to be especially helpful for people going through difficult times or who need a little more soothing. Bright, cheerful colors help to lift the mood as well.

Not sure how to pronounce Levia? Her name rhymes with papaya, jambalaya, and buy a (Levia).

Her name comes from Leviathan, which can mean a large ocean creature, like a whale, or a thing that is very powerful, like a ship. 

Levia is made with polyester materials and is 29″ long. Must be hand washed (surface washed if possible) and air dried.

Weight 84 oz
Dimensions 29 × 10 × 10 in


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