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Jumbo Rat Tailed Unicorn

Tentacle Kitty Rat Tailed Unicorn 28 Inch Plush


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Rat Tailed Unicorns are interdimensional vermin. They pop into other peoples’ dimensions and set up hives. These pests gather materials by poking holes in foundations, radiators, and stop signs. Did we mention they sneeze glitter? Sure, they are pests – but they’re so adorable, does it really matter? 

This plush makes an excellent soft, snuggly pillow and is also great for hugging! Grab yours now, and you’ll never want to let it go. Perfect for a car trip, or hanging out at home.

Rat Tailed Unicorn features snow white fur, a rainbow horn, a cotton candy mane, pink ears, and a (rat) tail.

Rat Tailed Unicorn is made with polyester materials and is 13″ tall and 30″ long from the tip of the horn to the tip of the tail. Must be hand washed (surface washed if possible) and air dried.

Weight 18 oz


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