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So, we typically don’t blog on our site. While I say typically, what I actually mean is never. You know what, though? I want to blog on our site. So I am!

This past couple of weeks has been crazy for Tentacle Kitty. Dark Horse Comics announced the Tentacle Kitty Coloring Book release next May (2018), which we are so excited about we can’t stand it. We have some really great artists working on it, and it is going to be so fun! Also, something really cool happened at our booth in LA Comic Con two weekends ago.

Normally, John and I manage our booths at any convention that we do. Recently, we have started to have other people manage our booths, because we can’t do all of the stuff we need to do, and travel every weekend. It is impossible! LA Comic Con is one of the first shows we have allowed someone else to run the booth without either of us attending, and guess what happened! Matt, our friend and helper, arrives early on Saturday to open the booth for the show, and who is there looking at the booth? Felicia Day!  He told her that we are fans and that if he saw her he was instructed to let her pick a kitty out. And she did! An Orange Tabby Little One! Now, that may not seem like big news to most people, but anyone who knows me, knows that I am a HUGE fan of Felicia Day. She finally comes to the booth, and I am not even there! HA!

Now we are working on a launch for our Holiday 2017 collection, and I am daydreaming about working on NANOWRIMO. Don’t know what that is? November is Nation Novel Writing Month, and you can join up with other writers and authors to push yourself and others to successfully finish writing a complete novel this month. The idea here is to get a story down on paper, as fast as you can. Doesn’t necessarily have to be great. Because this month’s launch schedule, I am planning to write a novella instead. It is going to be a murder, mystery, cozy, romance set in the town that I live in, Bend, Oregon. Will it ever make it in front of any readers? Probably not! But, that isn’t the point, is it? Here is a link if you are interested in joining! https://nanowrimo.org/ Let me know in the comments if you are going to take part in the challenge!

By the way, this is Raena, or Rae. *waves*