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10 Autographed Plush Giveaway

When Tentacle Kitty was just “Little Pink One” she had a dream that she met a large human with a big giant white beard and a red fur all over. She dreamt that she helped him deliver boxes covered in pretty paper and bows to smaller humans all over the world.

But maybe it wasn’t a dream after all…

Little Helper Tentacle Kitty is perfect for

  • decorating your tree
  • topping off a stocking
  • making some one smile this holiday (even if that someone is you).

Why are we doing a giveaway?

This is our first time making holiday kitties, and we need help promoting it. Plus, we love our fans, and want to make you smile. So, come help us get the word out about our newest collectible, plus get a chance to score an autographed one for yourself!

We will send out TEN (10) Autographed Little Helper Kitties to ten lucky contestants. There are lots of ways to participate, so let’s have some fun!

Contest ends November 22, 2017.